Women of Wrestling - new hosting deal with Diva-Dirt.com~!

August 19, 2009

So, we managed to exceed our bandwidth here already.  Allison Danger = Ratings, as if you didn't know.  So, the choice was to either pay for unmetered bandwidth on here, or take up one of three (count 'em, THREE...) offers of hosting away from podbean.  We've gone with our first choice, namely the rather spangly Diva-Dirt.com, which will be our host from this point on.

Now, sadly that means that anybody who subscribed with the "Subscribe with iTunes" link on this page will need to delete that feed from their iTunes and add the new feed that will be provided at DD.  Sorry about the teething issues, but we're now firmly on the DD.com team, and we're hoping that you'll come with us!

#1 - Allison Danger

August 12, 2009

SHIMMER Women Athletes co-founder Allison Danger joins the show to talk about all sorts of stuff.  Including, but not limited to opinions on Jenna vs Sharmell from Victory Road, Backstage at a SHIMMER taping, slamming a door in Ricky Steamboat's face, stories about Jake "The Snake" Roberts, professional goals, controversial angles, internet criticism and yep, motherhood!